Once registration is done, the client would be sent an email confirmation. The user should then click on the link contained in the email so that he or she would be redirected to the site. The user would then be prompted to undergo Beaxy’s Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol. Windy and its current managers agreed to pay $79,200 in civil penalties but did not admit to or deny the SEC’s allegations, the agency said, but the SEC is still litigating securities fraud charges filed against Hamazaspyan.

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But what the review team actually found to be Beaxy’s piece de resistance is its KYC protocol. To be discussed in full later, the KYC Protocol is a strict verification system that safeguards the company’s data from possible fraudulent entities. Beaxy suspended services on its exchange and ceased operations “due to the uncertain regulatory environment surrounding our business,” the company said on its website—the SEC said in a statement Beaxy agreed to shut down the platform. Select the currency you wish to pay with and the amount you’d like to spend.

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Beaxy is a powerhouse platform that is well-suited from manual and automated trading strategies. Generate API keys in your account and connect them to popular trading bot platforms like Gunbot, Hummingbot, and Autonio. Getting started with an algorithmic trading bot is easier than you might think. Hummingbot is free to download and allows enables you to become a bona fide market maker in minutes.

SEC charges Beaxy cryptocurrency platform for violating securities laws

Get global access to major fiat currencies with deposits, withdrawals, and trading support enabled for the six national currencies that are offered to each client to gain access to trading opportunities unlike any other. As long as you are in a valid jurisdiction, you can move funds between cryptocurrency and USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, and CAD. With so few exchanges offering the same level of access to the global fiat markets with cryptocurrency, mispricings often occur that can be taken advantage of by having access to multiple fiat currencies on one exchange. Visit beaxy’s FAQ page for more information on making deposits and withdrawals through U.S. domestic and international wire transfers. The user’s Beaxy account should be linked to his or her existent bank account. This is needed to execute deposits and withdrawals through either debit or credit card or wire transfer.

These integrations allow traders to view and manage all their assets in an automated fashion from one online cryptocurrency trading platform. We can help you to create a springboard for building your crypto portfolio and guide you to a comprehensive understanding of the processes connected with trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Beaxy was constructed by a team comprising primarily finance experts using finely tuned algorithms and other assets to analyze current dynamics in the crypto world. Using cutting-edge trading tools, our team enables you to find the best way to manage your cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

  1. Once registration is done, the client would be sent an email confirmation.
  2. Additional trading pairs that will become available on Beaxy Exchange include BTC-GBP, EUR-GBP, BTC-JPY, ETH-JPY, BTC-CAD, ETH-CAD, BTC-AUD, ETH-AUD.
  3. The user should then click on the link contained in the email so that he or she would be redirected to the site.
  4. As such, there are many reasons why someone might find value in a cryptocurrency exchange.
  5. We specialize in crypto trading, powering traders in 185 countries and 43 U.S. states.

Beaxy.com also allows the buy and sell bitcoin or such coins as Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, Waves, DASH, USD Coin, and Pundi X alongside others. Crypto traders would find further information regarding the other coins in the system’s circulation through Beaxy’s official website. The Beaxy client would be required to go through the KYC Protocol which can be accessed through the account’s User Tab. The client would be asked to provide his or her country of origin and a picture from his or her ID to accomplish the initial step. Once all the necessary requirements are submitted, the user will then undergo a verification process that will begin through the user’s agreement to Beaxy’s Terms and Conditions.

Although cryptocurrencies make the transfer and storage of money much simpler, the world enabled by blockchain does not end there. The next exciting economic innovation in this space surrounds the topic of cryptocurrency contracts. Cryptocurrencies that live on the Ethereum network, for example, can allow for self-executing, decentralized contracts which can be programmed to require multiple third-party approvals such as notaries, lawyers, and engineers.

Our worldwide clientele trade digital assets (crypto) on one of the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. A membership with beaxy has unique advantages that can help you build a secure, future-proofed financial portfolio. Our cryptocurrency exchange was built to bridge the gap from legacy finance to the crypto powered economy while maintaining a tradecraft constructed over decades of experience in legacy markets.

Payments through Beaxy are also made convenient through the automatic conversion of fiat currency into Bitcoin. Given that there are no complex processes needed to grant conversion of the fiat currency, the user would only have to mind which cryptocurrencies he or she might want to purchase. It is registered in the Caribbean Islands with the main goal of bridging cryptocurrency trade and legacy finance. To help realize this cause, Beaxy had enlisted the aid of software developers to render the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange technology. True enough, the company offers only the most advanced platform to conduct trades with alongside other financially-related transactions.

Moreover, beaxy provides a highly dedicated customer support team that is ready to assist clients in reaching their financial goals. To further ensure that our clients have the safest trading experience possible, Beaxy went above and beyond the rest of the cryptocurrency exchange industry by implementing Dragonchain’s Provably Fair technology. This makes Beaxy one of, if not the most transparent financial services firms in the world. With Dragonchain’s Proof Systems in place, every single order that reaches the exchange can be seen in a report that is updated in real-time and available to view publicly. Making it hard for traders to spot when wash trading or front-running is going to harm their position.

With all these territories, https://traderoom.info/ complies diligently all regulations and licensing agreements required by the financial authorities in the aforementioned countries. Beaxy’s customer support staff is available 24/7 to take you through the platform or help you resolve any issues that you may encounter. Contact our customer service agents that are ready to provide assistance in a timely manner or try out Bixie, the automated support agent that lives in the bottom right corner of your screen.